What doulas do…

I center myself before entering 

Your sacred and powerful space 

I smile warmly and gaze at this mama in wonder 

“I’m so happy to see you” with a warm smile on my face 

As the journey unfolds 

She finds her rhythm and he holds his heart 

I have two hands to hold 

Contractions less than 3 minutes apart 

I touch her comfortingly, delicately, reassuringly 

Having been through the journey that lies ahead 

“You can do it! You are so strong! None of this is stronger than you are!” 

I offer the voice inside my head 

I meet her where she is in her moment of travail 

I offer nourishment, hydration, and a knowing gaze 

We walk hand and hand down birth’s winding trail 

She is under the veil, blissfully in her birth haze 

I am the smooth stone that has seen the river flow  

Soft enough to mold right into the palm of her hand 


Strong enough to hold her mooring in fierce waters unknown 

I am a doula 

I walk alongside the path 

A guiding light and a knowing glance 

You are safe 

You are loved 

You are mama

birthphoto 3-25-19

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