Birth Photography in Buffalo

…and why you should hire a photographer!

Birth is an amazingly transformative experience for families. I know this first hand, and I have seen countless clients become parents before my eyes. It is a truly life altering moment.

In our lives in the digital age, we take photos of EVERYTHING. Hey, that cat is looking at the wall funny, lemme get my phone! We take daily photos of our babies doing everything from rolling over to eating boogers. We hire photographers to create mini-sessions with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Have you ever thought of hiring a professional to capture the truly transformative power of birth?

Our entire lives are photographed and recorded daily in some form or another. Yet many families haven’t considered photographing the life-changing moment of birth. Birth photography offers so many amazing benefits for families.

From my personal experience, my first birth was 18+ hours and extremely difficult. I didn’t have a doula, and the only thing getting me through each contraction and attempt at pushing was my midwife saying to me, “I’ve never seen a baby come this far down that didn’t come out.” My baby just turned 4, and yet I still remember her voice.

After the day of travail, we had no pictures to remember the moment we became parents other than a few poor quality cell phone photos of me holding her after she was born. I wanted to be able to look back and retell my birth story and see it through another’s eyes. I wanted to feel reconnection to the story.

For my second birth, I hired a birth photographer to capture those precious moments. She captured amazing views and her work told my son’s birth story through photographs in a way words could not. It was really helpful in processing the birth and we got some amazing images of his nuchal hand.

How can I find a birth photographer?

There are a lot of great options for birth photography. Often times a simple web search or a local maternity directory will help you find a few birth photographers. If you live in the Buffalo area, Nichole Virag is an amazing, trauma-informed birth photographer.

Nichole Virag Doula and Birth Photography

Nichole works with families in all types of birth settings, capturing their birth as the story unfolds. About her photography, Nichole writes:

“I love offering birth photography because it gives families a unique opportunity to relive their birth, just as they’re settling into their new role as parents. Families shouldn’t be forced to remove themselves from the moment in order to take pictures. I want partners to be present to hug, kiss, and snuggle while you take in your new baby, not whipping out his/her cell phone to take a picture. Birth happens in so many ways, and all families and babies deserve to be celebrated.  Regardless of the outcome of anyone’s story, I will always capture it honestly and purely.”

If you are looking for a birth photographer in the Buffalo area, please check out her website and follow her on Facebook.

Did you use a photographer in your birthing experience? Did you or your partner take your own photographs? Tell me about it!

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