One-Handed Foods for Postpartum Parents

10 Simple Snacks to Eat While Nursing or Holding Your Baby

Wondering what foods to prepare for yourself and family while caring for your baby? One-handed foods can be a game changer for nursing parents and anyone snuggling a new baby. During my last pregnancy, I made weeks worth of freezer meals for my family. They were great to keep everyone nourished and well. However, I ignored an important component of postpartum eating – you will rarely have two hands free to eat! My specially prepared soups and stews were fantastic, but not always the easiest to eat.

  1. Mini Calzones – Choose your favorite pizza dough and roll out to about the size of your hand. Fill with whatever you choose, but don’t overstuff. Fold the dough in half and close the shell by crimping the opening with a fork. Wrap individually in parchment paper and freeze. You can throw as many of these as you want in the oven for an easy to eat meal.
  2. Protein Packed Muffins – Use your favorite healthy muffin recipe and pack it with healthy proteins. You can then freeze the muffins and save them for after birth.
  3. Cucumber Veggie Stackers – Cut a cucumber into round slices. Add avocado, cheese, tomato, hummus, or your other favorites for a quick snack.
  4. Fruit & Veggies with dips – Cut up your favorite fruits and vegetables and add your dip of choice (hummus, almond butter, etc.)
  5. Yogurt and Granola Bowls – Greek yogurt topped with your choice of granola packs a protein punch
  6. Breakfast Burritos – build your favorite breakfast burritos. You can wrap them individually and freeze for the whole family.
  7. Date and Nut Bars – make and freeze your own date and nut bars. You can customize these bars and they are much cheaper than buying pre-made bars.
  8. Smoothies – Smoothies are a great way to stay nourished, and you can easily sip them throughout the day. Use your favorite ingredients. You can even use reusable pouches and make them for the whole family and store in the fridge.
  9. Rice Cakes with Nut Butter – Extra fats and protein in an easy to eat snack
  10. Pita Sandwiches – Pita bread can be easily stuffed with anything you desire for an easy to prepare meal. They tend to hold their contents better than bread for sandwiches, so your baby won’t be covered by your meal.

The best thing about these foods is that they are really simple to prepare. Try to choose foods that can simply be put from the freezer to the oven or made quickly with easily accessible ingredients. This makes it so easy for your partner, other friends or family, or your postpartum doula to keep everyone well nourished. The bottom line is that if it’s too difficult or arduous of a task for a new mother to eat, she might not be eating enough and you want to make sure that nutritious food is easily accessible.

Freezer meals are also really important for postpartum recovery, but that’s a topic for another post entirely.

What were your favorite postpartum snacks? Did you find anything especially easy to prepare? I would love to hear your ideas.


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