How to Use Cloth Wipes

Want to add cloth wipes into your diapering routine? Are you afraid to get started?

It can seem very overwhelming to get started using cloth diapers and wipes. I started using cloth wipes when my first baby was born. You know all of those thin baby washcloths you got at your baby shower? You can use those as cloth wipes.

We used the very thin ones, and supplemented with some second hand purchases as well, as our cloth wipes stash for my first two babies. They last forever, and even over 4 years later we still have some of those wipes floating around. We have traveled with them, and used them for all kinds of baby and kid cleaning. I would suggest creating a stash by planning to use 2-3 wipes per diaper change. So if you plan 10-12 diapers in the newborn period, that makes 30-40 cloth wipes.

Why do I use cloth wipes?

I use cloth wipes because I feel it is the best way to control what gets put on my baby’s bottom. I can choose my ingredients (if any) to use in my wipes solution. It’s also much better for the environment because there is less waste from using individual paper wipes. Thirdly, it’s a huge cost savings. Natural wipes can be very expensive. We spend next to nothing on our cloth stash and never have to worry about having wipes in stock.

How to Use Cloth Wipes

Build a Stash of Wipes

You can get the wipes in a variety of ways. You can use thin baby wipes, purchase cloth wipes from a shop, or make your own. You can make your own using old receiving blankets or flannel, cut into squares or rectangles, and then finish the edges. There are a few different types of wipes, and some are made with thicker layers of fabric for really rough messes. Have fun experimenting. If you’re feeling wild, you could even use some fun patterns or have your older kids choose them and make the wipes together.

Make a Wipe Solution

A wipe solution is the liquid used on the wipes to help clean up baby’s bottom when changing a diaper. You can simply use water (just like water wipes…which are interestingly expensive and offered in many hospitals…), or you can add some ingredients of your choice. We use a few drops of Dr. Bronner’s soap, a tablespoon of witch hazel, and a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. I add this to water inside a spray bottle and spray the wipes before use. You can also simply put your cloth wipes into a container and add the solution to the container.

How to Clean Cloth Wipes

You can clean your cloth wipes just like you wash your diapers. We through them right into our cloth diaper pail and wash them with all of our cloth diapers. They always come out very squeaky clean and have never stained.

We have been using cloth wipes for over 4 years now, and it has been worth the small bit of extra planning to use them. They save us a ton of money, they’re better for babies, and they’re pretty fun too.

Fluff Love also has some great resources to learn more about how to use cloth wipes.

Have you ever used cloth wipes? What is your method?

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