5-Minute Health Hacks for a Busy Family

Are you preparing for life with a new baby? Or maybe you’re already a busy mom, trying to keep everything together? Certainly, there are many 5-minute health hacks that you can implement for a busy family. Caring for your health in the postpartum period and beyond is so important!

Firstly, I want to say that the idea of a health hack is somewhat misleading. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a 25/8 job in today’s society. But, with a few time savers, it can be easier than you might anticipate. Secondly, many of these hacks can become a part of your daily routine. When health changes become routine, it becomes much easier to implement changes and meet your goals.

5-Minute Health Hacks

  • Meal Planning: meal planning is essential for busy families. If you don’t have a meal plan for the week, then you are more likely to choose convenience foods which are less healthy. Create or purchase a meal planning template and spend 5 minutes planning your meals for the week. This also helps keep less healthy items out of your grocery cart, because we typically don’t plan to eat less healthy foods. When you put it on paper, you are more committed to making healthy choices for meals.
  • Meditation and Relaxation: stress has a major influence on our health! Stress influences our immune system, nutritional balance, sleep, hormones, and more. Take 5 minutes every day to spend time in mindful breathing or meditation. Anyone can do this. There are great apps available such as Insight Timer. Insight Timer offers free meditation tracks to help you achieve this 5-minute health hack.
  • Use a Supplement Organizer: organize all of your vitamins and supplements into a pill case or organizer. This will take you just a few minutes. It is a really helpful routine that can organize your week. It will help you remember to take supplements regularly and remind you when you need to take them. For example, you can organize your prenatal vitamins for the week.
  • Learn How to Dry Brush: dry brushing is a quick 5-minute detox. Using a bristle brush (many are made for dry brushing), brush the bristles across your skin starting on the hands and feet. Move inward towards your heart. Try to make a few passes across every patch of skin. This should take about 5 minutes, and will help you detox the larges organ of the body – skin!

5-minute health hacks

  • Make a Green Smoothie: green smoothies are a great way to introduce significant servings of fruits and vegetables into a busy lifestyle. This 5-minute health hack for busy families can help you get some important greens into your children’s diet as well. Additionally, you can add proteins or collagen for an added nutritional boost. Choose greens such as spinach or kale. Fresh or frozen greens work fine, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new greens.

It often seems challenging to maintain healthy habits in our hectic society, but these 5-minute health hacks can support busy families. Try these simple solutions to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routines!


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