Postpartum Healing and Nature: A Joyful Combination

How to Incorporate Nature Into Your Postpartum Healing Plan

postpartum healing

The postpartum period, also know as the fourth trimester, is one of the greatest transitions in life. Therefore, there is a great deal of postpartum healing that must take place to recover emotionally and physically from the birth experience. Interestingly, both mother and partner go through a postpartum transition together.

In this time, nature or earth based elements can be a great source of grounding and healing. Kimberly Johnson writes in The Fourth Trimester about the importance of connection with the natural world in the postpartum period. It can bring great peace, balance, serenity, and calm into a time that can be stressful and anxious.

So, how do you bring nature into your life with a new baby? It is easier than it sounds. It doesn’t have to involve forest bathing or climbing mountains. Your postpartum doula can help you prepare anything you would like to bring into your space.

Ways to Bring Nature Into Your Postpartum Space

  • Artwork! Create some artwork or find some you love of your favorite nature scenes.
  • Photography – Pick a scene that inspires you and place it in your baby moon space.
  • Fresh flowers – Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Ask someone to get them for you or pick them outside.
  • Use natural fibers and products in your space.
  • Essential oils – choose some essential oils that you love and create a self-massage ritual. Or, better yet – ask your partner or a friend for an essential oil massage. Lavender is great for easing anxiety and aches and pains.
  • Weather permitting, bring fresh air into your space. Open the windows and open the blinds or curtains.
  • Nature sounds – use a sound machine or an app that plays a variety of nature sounds. You can use this while you are resting with your new babe. This can be a very calming part of your daily healing routine.
  • Get outdoors! While you will need to rest for the first few weeks, try to get outside for some fresh air. If the weather allows, take your babe out into your yard or a brief neighborhood walk. Later, you can try longer hikes in your favorite locations with your new baby.

Have you ever done anything creative to bring nature indoors for healing? How did you incorporate nature into your postpartum healing rituals?

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