The Birth of a Dad

birth of a dad

You walked with me, hand in hand, into the journey through pregnancy

You learned along side me

Once simply a partner, now preparing for fatherhood

You did the birth class homework

and you lived with me between worlds.

The waiting place


Labor started and you were my partner

I watched you watch me

Laboring in the tub

waiting, worrying

Our daughter was finally born

I remember your expansion

it was the birth of a baby and the birth of a dad

unfolding, peeling back the layers

warmly absorbing a small cherished one into your heart

and you absolutely melted into fatherhood.

You held our daughter with such care

like a precious prize, or a bomb waiting to go off

the transformation unfolded right before my eyes

You held her so close

Three babies into parenthood

I have had the privilege of seeing you unfold every time

peeling back the layers

becoming all over again.

The birth of a father is not an event

but rather a softening

an unfolding

a transformation of the mind, body, and soul.

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