Childbirth Education and the Birth Experience

Why Every Birthing Family Needs to Take a Great Childbirth Education Class

childbirth education

The average American family spends about $20,000 on a wedding. When we are planning for our babies, we focus on having STUFF that we need. We shower moms and their babies with countless articles of clothing. Families give countless gifts of gear and toys. We plan nurseries that our babies don’t sleep in. And yet so many families decide not to take childbirth education classes.

Firstly, Local hospitals have classes that are often free. Secondly, private birth classes are often covered by health insurance plans. There are group and private classes available. Also, there are now online childbirth courses available for busy families.

As a birth doula, I clearly see a difference in the birth experience. I find that families who take a childbirth course are much more prepared for birth and postpartum. If families take a childbirth education course, then I see their knowledge infused into their experience.

Why You Need Childbirth Education…

  • Childbirth classes reduce fear and anxiety in pregnancy and birth. Childbirth education courses prepare families for the birth experience. You are given tons of information about what to expect in each phase of labor. You will learn what to expect along the way. Parents learn support methods for birth. Comfort measures provide relief and relaxation. You will move through each phase of labor with less fear and anxiety. In addition, a prepared partner provides better support.
  • Parents gain community. The families in your class become part of your community. You can do your own research. But, community is priceless. Classmates become your tribe. Community is key in the transition into parenthood.
  • Knowledge is power. When you are prepared with knowledge of your choices, you can make informed choices that help you meet your goals. A birth class will teach you what you need to know to make decisions. You don’t know what you don’t know. If you take a childbirth class, then you are prepared to make informed choices.

Choices for Classes

Childbirth classes are available everywhere. Firstly, local hospitals run free birth classes. Secondly, most cities have many private childbirth educators who teach their own classes. Baby stores organize birth classes. Some organizations include Lamaze International , Hypnobirthing International, and The Bradley Method. I find that local providers are often very familiar with classes. Lastly, ask your doctor or midwife about great local birth classes.

I recommend finding local moms’ groups. Facebook has groups for every city. I have had great experiences finding classes this way. When you connect with local moms’ groups, you find community.

Childbirth Classes are Evidence Based

Also, childbirth education is evidence based. Particularly, this study revealed that childbirth classes reduce cesarean rates. Some evidence also shows that classes can reduce feelings of anxiety, as well as increasing VBAC rates.

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