Best Freezer Meals and Snacks for Postpartum Families

Simple Freezer Meals and Snacks With Rave Reviews

As a postpartum doula, one major piece of my work is to make sure that families are well-fed. We know that nutrition is important for healing after birth. I check in with families to make sure that everyone has enough to eat. Families find this very relieving and give rave reviews about my recipes. In this post, I will share the best freezer meals for postpartum families.

Food preparation is one part of the job of a postpartum doula, and it’s a simple way to help families thrive in the postpartum period. If parents don’t have to worry about food preparation, then they can simply focus on healing and bonding with their baby. Also, food prepared with love and care is a great gift of the spirit.

Every family has their own food preferences. We discuss your preferences and I offer recipes and recommendations to fit your needs. I try to focus on foods that are easy to eat one-handed. One-handed foods are great for new parents because they can still easily hold baby while eating. Low prep and simple to serve foods are the best choices for postpartum families..

Best Freezer Meals & Snacks

Breakfast Burritos

Firstly, breakfast burritos are a simple staple. You can make any filling you want. Sometimes I use eggs, vegetables, potatoes, cheese, or bacon. First, cook the filling on the stove and let it cool. Second, wrap the burritos using a soft tortilla wrap. Lastly, wrap the burritos in foil and freeze. They are simple to heat and can be customized for any dietary preferences. They work great for kids as well.


I believe this is an overlooked food. I like to make crust-free quiches, as it makes it requires less ingredients and holds together well. A quiche is a combination of eggs, cheese, vegetables, maybe meats, and other add-ins poured into a pie pan and baked. You can customize this for any dietary preferences. Kids love these as well. Firstly, cook your add-ins on the stove. Next, your add ins can be mixed with cheese and eggs. Lastly, your mixture is poured into a greased pan. When cool, cut into individual pieces and wrap in foil to freeze.

Homemade Snack Bars

Snack bars are great nourishment to have on hand for a quick bite. There are so many variations on this. You could make these as lactation bars or a nutritious snack. Firstly, you combine your dates and other ingredients in a food processor. Often they include dates, nuts, seeds, coconut, chocolate, or anything else you dream up. Then you can press the sticky mixture into a pan and chill in the refrigerator. Cut into bars and eat throughout the week.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is incredibly nutritious. If you have an instant pot, it is such a quick and easy process. Consider making your own bone broth and freeze into single serve portions. You can easily warm up a cup or two whenever you feel like it. This is really great for the first week postpartum. This is a period of intense healing and recovery. Bone broth can help provide collagen and nutrition to support your healing process.

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