What is a Birth Doula? The Value of a Doula

A birth doula is the support solution you need for pregnancy and birth.

birth doula

So, you have been hearing about doulas. Maybe your friend had a doula and had an amazing birth experience. Or, you found a post from a birth doula on social media and want to learn more. Let’s start here…

A Birth Doula Can Help You Have the Best Birth Experience Possible

Firstly, our medical system is so complex. It’s incredibly difficult to know the right questions and learn how to get answers. Secondly, it’s important to communicate your birth plan to your provider. Doulas help you have the best birth experience possible. We help you learn how to navigate the medical system to meet your goals. Also, you can find out about great local resources for pregnancy and postpartum support.

If you use a birth doula, then you have the support of a trained professional who has experience working in your chosen birth place. Your doula can help you learn more about the policies and protocols in your birth place. Also, your birth doula will help prepare you for what to expect upon arrival and throughout the birth process.

Informational Support & Education

We live in a world full of information. Everyone has information at their fingertips. Firstly, you can literally google anything you want and immediately find information. Secondly, your family and friends will give you tons of advice. Also, most of that advice will be unsolicited and contradictory.

How do you sort through the information you are getting? How can you navigate the information overwhelm in pregnancy, birth, and parenting?

A birth doula can provide you with accurate information. Birth doulas help people dispel myths. We help you sort out fact versus fiction. We provide real information that can help you make decisions. Also, doulas help people determine what is normal and what may be abnormal. We can swiftly refer you to a local resource for more information.

Also, doulas reduce fear and anxiety in birth by giving you information on what to expect. Sometimes, we might talk through the details of a medical procedure so you know exactly what to expect. Or, we might be talking through what happens during early labor. We put your mind at ease by letting you know what to expect for each step in pregnancy and birth.

Physical Support & Comfort

In labor, you will experience pain and discomfort in varying degrees. A birth doula can help you stay as comfortable as possible during birth. Birth doulas ease the discomforts of birth by offering comforting touch, counter pressure for pain relief, and support in labor positions. We put your body at ease and promote relaxation. A birth doula provides comforting care that anticipates your needs and soothes your mind and body. Also, we help you with movement, positional changes, and we make sure your needs are met throughout labor, birth, and postpartum.

Find the relief you need. Doulas are professionals who are trained in providing comfort in labor.

Non-biased and Judgement-Free Support

Most doctors plan to spend only a few minutes with each patient per visit. It’s rare that a pregnant person is given adequate time to build a strong, trusting relationship with one single provider. Many doctors work in huge group practices, and this reduces face time with any one provider you may birth with. Also, doulas help you ask the right questions to determine if your provider is right for you.

Birth doulas give you the time and space you need to build a trusting relationship. You have a support person available to you 24/7 throughout your pregnancy via phone, text, or email. And, you have our undivided attention through your entire birth experience. You can fully express your concerns, worries, and deepest fears without worrying about judgement or bias. Also, we help you communicate your concerns to your provider.

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