A 30 Second Meditation for Tough Times

Make Yourself a Priority – Try this 30 Second Meditation!

The past few weeks have sure been crazy. This week, I wrote this 30 second meditation for those times when shit hits the fan. You’re in the middle of the chaos. You’re ready to pull your hair out. Take a 30 second meditation pause. No matter who you are, you have 30 seconds to spend on yourself. No excuses.

Stress is a huge factor in prenatal and postpartum health. Chronic stress literally trains your brain and your body to behave differently than it should. It makes you more likely to experience adverse birth outcomes and affects your health. Also, the effects of stress can actually rewire your baby’s response to stress. Take this seriously.

Try this out the next time your toddler shits in the bath tub, or when your kids dump 5 bottles of paint on a white carpet. Are you worried about how you’ll handle the stress of parenting a newborn? Release your fears and know you are prepared with a strategy for self-care.

I’m not really a zen doula, but…

Making tough choices can also be really stressful in pregnancy and birth. You could even use this meditation if you are faced with a stressful moment or feeling overwhelmed in birth. As a birth doula, I remind clients of these small strategies all the time. It helps when everything seems overwhelming. It brings us back into our body and remain in the present moment.

Mindfulness and meditation is so incredibly beneficial for the postpartum time as well. But, I find that it’s hard to make this part of daily life if you haven’t practiced or prepared yourself to do it. I can’t just whip out a meditation when I’m crazy stressed. Give it a chance and practice it at the small moments of your day. You’ll have a go-to strategy when you really need it.

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