Saying “YES!” to Your Birth Plan

Moving From NO to YES in Your Birth Plan

Everyone talks about writing the birth plan. It’s one of the most common questions and topics that come up in doula work. Birth planning is so important! You need to discover your options and learn what is right for your family. However, I often see birth plans written based on what a family doesn’t want. NO to all the things. It’s such a powerful phrase and it is so necessary.

When we plan our birth from a NO perspective, we are planning from a place of fear. Fear creates negative energy that can adversely affect the hormones of labor. We can actually be so busy focusing on the “no” that our body has a hard time saying “yes.”

Birth Hormones

There are several hormones that are involved in the birth process. Birth hormones help prepare your body for labor, tell the uterus to contract, help us counteract the pain of labor, and support bonding with our newborn.

Firstly, oxytocin is a hormone that is also known as the “love hormone.” It creates feelings of love, well-being, comfort, and nurturing. Oxytocin increases during pregnancy and majorly increases during birth and tells your uterus to contract. Also, it supports healthy uterine contractions after birth to prevent postpartum hemorrhage. A quiet, peaceful, and calm environment supports the flow of oxytocin to support a healthy birth. Oxytocin is also that feel-good vibe you get when snuggling and nursing your baby.

Secondly, endorphins are calming and pain relieving hormones. Endorphins skyrocket during the birth process and can produce altered states of consciousness that support physiological birth. They also play a role in nurturing and bonding with your baby.

Thirdly, adrenaline is a hormone that is released when we are under stress. This is fight or flight mode. When we are experiencing fear, adrenaline kicks in and tells us to FIGHT or FLIGHT. Adrenaline actively suppresses oxytocin and endorphins. This happens when we experience fear, stress, or anxiety.

Move from NO to Yes

Many families start their birth plan by thinking about what they don’t want to happen or what interventions they don’t want. For many families, this is based on past trauma or the experiences of others. It’s for a good reason! But when we are in the NO mind, we are living in fear. Then, we are planning our experience from the perspective of our fear.

Fear creates an incredible amount of adrenaline. If you’re trying to plan a calm and gentle birth, then the last thing you want is to be living from a place of fear. It’s taking you into fight or flight mode. Adrenaline can impede labor progress, make labor more difficult to deal with, and interfere with the good vibes you are trying to create for your family.

Learning what you can say YES to is equally empowering. Discover what you really want can help you plan your birth by saying YES. What is it that you really want? What do you want your experience to look like? You can plan your birth based on what feels good and right, rather than saying no to what you fear.

Your birth doula can help you move from the place of fear. We can work together to create a vision for your birth that you can say YES to.

If you’re thinking, “This sounds great! But how do I do that?” then you definitely need to check out my new guide. My Birth Planning Guide is up in the shop. This is THE GUIDE you need to plan your dream birth.

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