10 Questions to Ask Your Care Provider Right Now for a Blissful Birth

questions to ask your care provider

Are you trying to find the right doctor or midwife for your maternity care? It can be hard to know the right questions to ask your care provider. What do you really need to know? How do you know if they’re the support you need?

You don’t want to wait until the last minute to find out. Often times, parents wait until the third trimester to start asking their provider questions about their birth. It’s possible to switch your doctor or midwife late in the game. But for many families, finances and resources make this impossible.

You need to make sure that your care provider fits the needs of your family. It’s so important that they support your wishes and desires for your birth and your baby. If you don’t ask the right questions now, then you risk finding out too late. Also, you have many less choices and alternatives late in the game.

Imagine this scenario…

You use an expert-level strategy from a birth pro to…

  • develop a vision for what you want your birth to look like.
  • find 5 other parents who have had births that look like your vision (virtually or in person)
  • make a list of the care providers (doctors, midwives) they used for their birth.
  • schedule a consultation with each doctor or midwife and ask them ALL the questions on this list (and your own too!).
  • build an a close, trusting, and caring relationship with your chosen care team.
  • have a badass blissful, confident, and peaceful birth experience.

You diggin’ this? As a doula, I work with families in our birth strategy sessions to follow this exact system to help you follow your own compass in birth for the best experience possible.

Use these questions to ask your care provider to guide your consultations.

10 Questions to Ask Your Care Provider for a Blissful Birth

  1. What is your philosophy on birth and prenatal care?
  2. What is your cesarean, induction, and epidural rate?
  3. Can I meet all the doctors or midwives in the practice?
  4. What happens if I go past my due date?
  5. What are the policies/procedures/protocols at my birth place?
  6. How do you feel about using a doula?
  7. What situations warrant a transfer of care? What is considered high risk?
  8. How do you feel about natural birth?
  9. Can I catch my own baby?
  10. What are my options for comfort in labor? Will I have the freedom to move, eat, drink, and labor according to my needs?

How to use these questions…

Firstly, you have ideally identified providers who are already offering similar care to what you want. It is incredibly important to understand your vision for your birth before locking in your care team. You can use this amazing birth planning guide to help you form your vision from your heart’s center.

Secondly, remember that this is like a hiring process. You don’t have to go to your family’s OB/GYN for your prenatal care. Make a consultation with a variety of providers. Also, it’s a red flag if they discourage consultations and asking questions. No one owns your care but you.

Lastly, use these questions as a guide. Add your own questions that relate to your personal vision.

You can use this strategy to follow your own compass in birth so you can have a confident, peaceful, and powerful experience.

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