Making Birth Better: Childbirth Education Courses

An intensive childbirth education series so you can follow your own compass and move boldly into birth in peaceful strength and calm confidence.  Making Birth Better is a unique blend of online and in-person education for families in Buffalo and Rochester, NY and the worldwide online community. 

Attention Expecting Parents

Seeking a confident, peaceful, gentle, safe, healthy, and connected birth experience…

Are you ready to…

“For those who want a wise, present, kind, and highly experienced doula Jenni is for you. Not only has Jenni been a doula for many years, she birthed her 4 babies at home as well. Talk about expert! Her services the months prior to my son’s arrival included-present and empathetic listening, birth planning, and wonderful resources. These were just as valuable as her wise, grounded, and loving presence during the birth itself. I will never forget a call I got from Jenni shortly before my due date arrived. That conversation alone gave me the courage and confidence that I needed to fully immerse myself into my birth experience. She helped me engage the “bad ass” part of myself that was going to rock my birth. Jenni is truly the embodiment of feminine wisdom and will be your support and ally throughout your entire birthing experience.”

Meghan S

Making Birth Better: Childbirth Education Series

Follow your own compass and give birth with peaceful strength and calm confidence in the most healthy, gentle, safe, loving and connected way possible.

In my first pregnancy, I was standing exactly where you are today. I’ve been there. At this point in your pregnancy, I bet you’re thinking…
Try this exercise with me…

I’d like for you to take a deep breath, relax your body, surround your baby with love, and imagine what it would feel like on your birthing day to have…

childbirth education in Rochester and Buffalo

What makes the Making Birth Better different from other childbirth education courses?

The Making Birth Better childbirth education courses are fully centered upon discovering your core dreams and desires for birth so you can follow your own compass. It places YOU at the center of the spiral, rather than simply focusing on medical choices in birth. I help you reflect on what feels right for you as you move through the course. My courses offer students a proven strategy from a veteran birth professional to help you know exactly what to expect each step of the way. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about birth from an experienced Certified Holistic Doula who has supported families in a wide variety of birth environments and scenarios. I help you find YOUR way, not a “right” way or a prescribed method for birth. 

As a result of this course, you'll be able to...

Making Birth Better: Childbirth Education Series

Follow your own compass and give birth with peaceful strength and calm confidence in the most healthy, gentle, safe, loving and connected way possible. 

You have questions, I have answers…

This class is created to support parents birthing in many different birth places. All birthing families can benefit from knowing what to expect in the birth process. This course presents information in a neutral & evidence-based way, allowing you to make your own decisions about what is right for your family. Let’s face it… no matter where you’re birthing, you can never be TOO informed about birth. 

RIGHT NOW! Seriously though, the earlier you begin exploring your options and learning about birth, the better. It’s never too early or too late to start learning. You can never be too informed. Most people take childbirth education courses between 20-35 weeks. This keeps the information fresh, yet ensures you can complete a course series by your birthing day. 

Absolutely! As part of each course package, you’ll have lifetime digital access to the materials from each course. You’ll receive a link to a digital folder with all course resources and materials. 

100% ABSOLUTELY YES! All expecting parents can benefit from childbirth education. I guarantee you’ll walk away from this course with new insights and inspiration for your next birth journey. It’s a great way to improve your birth experience. 

This class is an ideal resource to share with your partner. You can take the course together. Your partner will be prepared with a ton of strategies to help support you in labor for the best experience possible.

You sure can. However, my experience is that most of the hospital based courses prepare you to be a “good patient” and do not adequately prepare families for the birth experience they really want. Many of my students say that they took the hospital classes and learned next to nothing in comparison to my courses. 

Listen, at this point you’re probably pretty informed… but it can NEVER hurt to learn more for the best birth experience possible. Hearing information from different perspectives can help you draw on the experience of others to inform your choices for birth. You’ll also have access to our community and increased support opportunities to help you in your journey. 

Hell to the YES! If you’re using pain relief such as an epidural in labor, there are a ton of strategies you can use to help you have a more comfortable and easier birth experience and reduce your chances of needing a cesarean section. In my course, I share important wisdom about how to prevent the cascade of interventions leading to a cesarean section. 

Some great doctors and nurses are incredibly supportive! However, they have limited time that they can spend with each patient in labor. They have a job to do that includes clinical tasks, charting, monitoring, etc. While it’s nice when they offer strategies to help you in birth, many times this is not the case at all. I don’t recommend simply showing up and hoping for the best. 

This course is absolutely perfect for you if you want to...

About Your instructor:

Jenni Kula, M.Ed, CHBD, CD(DONA), CE, PICD, PE

…and mother of four feral children

My name is Jenni and I’m so happy you’re here. I support, guide, and educate birthing families so they can bring their babies into the world in peaceful strength and confidence. I have worked as a birth doula and educator in Buffalo and Rochester for four years. I serve families as a holistic birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, childbirth consultant, placenta specialist, and birth assistant. I work with birthing families, just like you, who want to learn how to have a calm, comfortable, and confident birth experience. It’s my deepest joy to serve your family in this journey.

Here are the options available as part of this course series...

5-Page Guide To Planning Your Dream Birth

My EXPERT strategy for discovering how you want to feel in birth so you can have the best experience possible. You’ll have access to a brilliant 5-page bonus birth planning guide to help walk you through the process. 

3-Hour Childbirth Course

Learn what to expect from your body, your baby, and your birth place so you can move confidently into birth. 

Topics covered: The birth process, dreams and desires for birth, pain relief and comfort measures, relaxation strategies, positions for labor and birth, and more.


Tuesday’s @ 6:30PM:  9/21/21, 10/19, 11/16, 12/21

In-person at Tree of Life Chiropractic and online!

3-Week Intensive Childbirth Education Series

Learn everything you need to know to move from fear and into confidence in birth! 

Topics covered: common pregnancy challenges, VBAC, pain relief & comfort strategies, what to expect from your body and your baby, the labor process, positions for labor and birth, interventions, relaxation strategies, communication & advocacy, preparing for your birth place, and more.

Saturdays 10a-1p at Tree of Life Chiropractic and Online

10/9, 10/23, 10/30

11/6, 11/13, 11/20

12/4, 12/11, 12/18 

Birth Strategy Session

A perfect opportunity to put what you learned into action and create your personalized strategy to achieve your goals for birth. Let’s work together to create a strategy for the best birth experience possible!

Lifetime Digital Access

A resource folder just for you with all the materials used in class. Access these tools at any time, even when you’re in labor!

Making Birth Better: Childbirth Education Course

Birth with peaceful strength and calm confidence

Alongside this course, you'll receive 3 BRILLIANT bonuses...

Postpartum Babymoon Planner

A 20-page guide to help you plan  your sacred postpartum babymoon so you can bond with your baby in the most gentle, peaceful, and connected way possible. 

Relaxation Practice Audio Tracks

Use made-for-you resources to practice the breathing and meditation strategies from the course. Gain an easy way to practice on your own at your fingertips. Play it any time you want!

Badass Birth Affirmations

Enjoy a set of 10 crafted birth affirmations that you can print and place in your birth space. Use these as mantras and meditations to enhance your peace of mind in pregnancy and birth.

Artemis Package
Fully move through the "You don't know what you don't know" stage for the ultimate experience
Perfect for first time parents who want to become their own birth guru
5-Page Guide to Planning Your Dream Birth
Making Birth Better: 3-Week Intensive Childbirth Education Course
90-Minute Birth Strategy Session
Lifetime Digital Access to Course Materials & Resources
Athena Package
Move into your birth fully informed, prepared, and confident.
Great for first time parents or those wanting a better birth experience
5-Page Guide to Planning Your Dream Birth
3-Week Childbirth Education Series
Lifetime Digital Access to Course Materials & Resources
Diana Package
For those on the hunt for a better birth experience...
Great for experienced parents & wise sages in need of a refresher course
5-Page Guide to Planning Your Dream Birth
3-Hour Intensive Childbirth Education Course
Lifetime Digital Access to Course Materials

Jenni Kula, M.Ed, CHBD, CD(DONA), CE, PICD, PE

…and mother of four feral children

Hi! I’m Jenni and I’m so excited to support your family in pregnancy and birth. I’m not kidding when I say it’s my absolute passion and joy to serve, support, and educate parents in pregnancy and birth. But this knowledge isn’t just information I’ve gathered from courses, lectures, trainings, or books. Alongside my formal training, I’m offering you my personal experiences which have gifted me the embodied wisdom I have today. I want to share that message with the world. I’ve had four powerful natural births, three of them at home and one at a birth center. My births were passionate and soulful experiences full of raw love in motion. I’ve had the long and hard birth, I’ve had the fast and furious birth, and somewhere in between. My experiences were incredible ecstatic moments of cosmic consciousness where I learned to ride the waves of birth, trust my inner wisdom, and get in touch with my heart. I became the center of the spiral in birth and I brought my babies into the world in a gentle, healthy, and joyful way. It’s my joy and a privilege to serve families in birth. Blessings to you and your growing family!