Holistic Doula Support

Hi! My name is Jenni Kula and I support parents as they follow their own compass in birth so they can build empowered families and communities. 

Attention Expecting Parents

Seeking to give birth with loving awareness and calm confidence

Are you ready to…

“For those who want a wise, present, kind, and highly experienced doula Jenni is for you. Not only has Jenni been a doula for many years, she birthed her 4 babies at home as well. Talk about expert! Her services the months prior to my son’s arrival included-present and empathetic listening, birth planning, and wonderful resources. These were just as valuable as her wise, grounded, and loving presence during the birth itself. I will never forget a call I got from Jenni shortly before my due date arrived. That conversation alone gave me the courage and confidence that I needed to fully immerse myself into my birth experience. She helped me engage the “bad ass” part of myself that was going to rock my birth. Jenni is truly the embodiment of feminine wisdom and will be your support and ally throughout your entire birthing experience.”

Meghan S

In my first pregnancy, I was standing exactly where you are today. I’ve been there. At this point in your pregnancy, I bet you’re thinking…
Try this exercise with me…

I’d like for you to take a deep breath, relax your body, surround your baby with love, and imagine what it would feel like on your birthing day to have…

Experience Holistic
Birth Doula Support

Birth with strength, confidence, peace, and power

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What makes Mindful Mama different from other doulas out there?

Mindful Mama Birth Services offers birth doula support in a truly holistic model of care. I view birth as an emotional, physical, chemical, and spiritual experience that is a cosmic transformation and rite of passage in the human experience. I am 100% invested in you and I work solely for you. I offer comprehensive and nurturing care where I give you my full time, energy, and attention. You lead and I follow, and I support you as you follow your own compass in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. My work as a doula is based on developing a trusting, soul-level bond with you for the best birth experience possible. I don’t just show up when you’re in labor for back rubs and essential oils. I nurture the soul as we enter the transformation of birth together.

When we work together, you’ll be able to…

Here’s what you’ll get when we work together…

Complimentary One-Hour Consultation

Connection and chemistry is the foundation of our work together. In this chat, we’ll get to know each other and check our vibes. We’ll talk about your dreams, goals, and desires for your birth and discuss any questions you might have

Two Birth Strategy Sessions

Two, 90-minute meetings to connect and chat about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Develop your strategy for birth so you can birth your baby in peaceful strength and calm confidence. You’ll create an evidence-based birth plan and move into your birth fully prepared for anything that comes your way.

30-Minute Zoom Chats/Walk and Talk Sessions

Let’s connect so we can deepen our relationship, build trust, and discuss any burning questions or concerns you might have.

Holistic Childbirth Consulting

Connect with holistic resources you need so you can plan your birth from your heart’s center, nurturing the mind-body-spirit connection and honoring the whole person in birth.

Access to Lending Library

Unlimited access to my extensive lending library including evidence-based materials such as books, digital files, workbooks, courses, audio files, materials, and more immediately upon booking services.

24/7 On-Call Support

Nurturing, compassionate, and knowledgeable holistic support at your fingertips so you can find peace of mind, grounding, and confidence when you need it most.

Continuous Support in Birth

Holistic education and advocacy to inform your decision-making process, and nurturing and comforting support so you can have a peaceful, gentle, healthy, safe, blissful, and frankly… badass birth.

Postpartum Support

A nurturing two-hour postpartum visit in your home so you can find resources, support with infant feeding and care, and ease your mind in life with your new baby.

Experience Holistic Birth Doula Support

Birth with strength, confidence, peace, and power

“Having Jenni be our doula for our most recent pregnancy/ birth was the single greatest decision we made about our birth team/ birth plan. Aside from being patient, reassuring, compassionate and kind, she was also knowledgeable, confident and empowering. She was always available, eager and patient…. there to help us work through every question, every unseen/unexpected hurdle. Both my partner and I agree, we couldn’t have done it without her! She was a grounding force, for us both, through every complication and every (potential) alteration to our birth plan. She was able to ask us the right questions, to help provide evidence-based information, to present us with an alternative point of view, and to help us perceive situations differently (helping us change from a fear mindset to an empowered mindset). She helped us to find our power and confidence in advocating for ourselves and what we wanted out of our birth experience, and stood beside us, every single step of the way.”

Grace S

Are you ready to birth with peaceful strength and confidence?

Check out my service packages!
I offer several packages to meet your needs. Get instant access to resources
and holistic doula support. I also offer private courses and placenta
encapsulation services that can be added to any birth package.

Jenni Kula, M.Ed, CHBD, CD(DONA), CE, PICD, PE

…and mother of four feral children

Hi! I’m Jenni and I’m so excited to support your family in pregnancy and birth. I’m not kidding when I say it’s my absolute passion and joy to serve, support, and educate parents in pregnancy and birth. But this knowledge isn’t just information I’ve gathered from courses, lectures, trainings, or books. Alongside my formal training, I’m offering you my personal experiences which have gifted me the embodied wisdom I have today. I want to share that message with the world. I’ve had four powerful natural births, three of them at home and one at a birth center. My births were passionate and soulful experiences full of raw love in motion. I’ve had the long and hard birth, I’ve had the fast and furious birth, and somewhere in between. My experiences were incredible ecstatic moments of cosmic consciousness where I learned to ride the waves of birth, trust my inner wisdom, and get in touch with my heart. I became the center of the spiral in birth and I brought my babies into the world in a gentle, healthy, and joyful way. It’s my joy and a privilege to serve families in birth. Blessings to you and your growing family!

Holistic doula support is absolutely perfect for you if…

Don’t let another week of your pregnancy fly by
before you invest in your birth.

The earlier you start, the more time you have to prepare. Let’s face it, you can’t really be overly prepared to bring another human into the world. If you’re still reading this, the time is NOW to find the support you need for a connected, gentle, confident, and holistic birth. I offer resources and support for all stages of pregnancy, from pre-conception through birth and parenting. It’s never too early or too late, and to be honest – there are no re-do’s.

Are you ready to give birth with peaceful strength and calm confidence?

You have questions, I have answers…
Heck yeah! I support parents in all local hospitals from Buffalo to Rochester. I provide support as a family advocate to help you feel heard and build a relationship in solidarity with your care team. I offer neutral, independent information to support you in your decision-making process.
Absolutely! I offer holistic (mind-body-spirit) doula support that follows your lead. You know yourself best and you are your own expert. I go where you go and provide support, peace of mind, nurturing, and presence as you need it.
Definitely! I support parents in planned and unplanned cesarean births. I offer a nurturing ear, support in planning for pregnancy and birth, ideas to support a gentle and connected experience, family advocacy, and postpartum recovery support. I can help you prepare for what to expect and ease your mind so you can rock your belly birth.
I support partners as well as the birthing person during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I can help prepare your partner with knowledge of what to expect in birth, strategies for comfort, and ease their mind in the proces. I support and nurture your partner so they can be an empowered family advocate and a confident, calm presence.

Absolutely! The doula support can radically change your birth experience no matter how many children you have had. I can’t even tell you how many families hire a doula for second, third, seventh babies because they see such a positive influence on their birth. You’re never too experienced for support, care, and nurturing! (…and doulas hire doulas, too!)

I support parents in all hospitals and home births from Buffalo to Rochester, NY. I serve the entire Western New York area. 

About Your Doula:

Jenni Kula, M.Ed, CHBD, CD(DONA), CE, PICD, PE

…and mother of four feral children

My name is Jenni and I’m so happy you’re here. I support, guide, and educate birthing families so they can bring their babies into the world in peaceful strength and confidence. I have worked as a birth doula in Buffalo and Rochester for four years. I serve families as a holistic birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, childbirth consultant, placenta specialist, and birth assistant. I work with birthing families, just like you, who want to learn how to have a calm, comfortable, and confident birth experience. It’s my deepest joy to serve your family in this journey.

“Jenni was my doula and she was terrific! She was my rock. She was everything I needed her to be. She was patient, kind, thoughtful, prepared, knowledgeable, and helpful. I labored 20 hours. She drove 45 minutes to my home about 2:00 am. She stayed by my side until 9:00 pm the next day. I remember her helping me in ways that my husband couldn’t do. My husband was prepared, as we studied the Bradley Method, but Jenni’s intuitions allowed her to completely tune into what I needed. I cannot recommend her enough, she was an essential member of my birth team. It would not have been so incredible without her. Thank you Jenni!”

Krystal W.