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Hi! My name is Jenni Kula and I support parents as they follow their own compass in birth so they can build empowered families and communities. I offer placenta encapsulation in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. 

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Seeking a gentle, loving, and sacred postpartum experience…

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“For those who want a wise, present, kind, and highly experienced doula Jenni is for you. Not only has Jenni been a doula for many years, she birthed her 4 babies at home as well. Talk about expert! Her services the months prior to my son’s arrival included-present and empathetic listening, birth planning, and wonderful resources. These were just as valuable as her wise, grounded, and loving presence during the birth itself. I will never forget a call I got from Jenni shortly before my due date arrived. That conversation alone gave me the courage and confidence that I needed to fully immerse myself into my birth experience. She helped me engage the “bad ass” part of myself that was going to rock my birth. Jenni is truly the embodiment of feminine wisdom and will be your support and ally throughout your entire birthing experience.”

Meghan S

In my first pregnancy, I was standing exactly where you are today. I’ve been there. I bet you’re thinking…
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Experience Placenta Encapsulation

Honor the Sacred Link

placenta encapsulation in buffalo and rochester

What makes Mindful Mama’s placenta encapsulation different?

Mindful Mama Birth Services offers placenta encapsulation that honors the challenges of the postpartum experience. I support parents as they honor the sacred link with their baby. As part of my services, I offer holistic postpartum support that honors the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection in the ultimate transformation into new parenthood. In the prenatal time, I support families with community and informational resources for postpartum wellness. I’m a postpartum doula and I bring my professional postpartum experience into my work as a placenta encapsulator. With placenta encapsulation, you’ll also receive holistic postpartum support and keepsakes to honor this sacred link with your baby.

When you encapsulate and consume your placenta, you may experience the following benefits...

Here’s what you’ll get when we work together…

Complimentary One-Hour Consultation

Connection and chemistry is the foundation of our work together. In this chat, we’ll get to know each other and check our vibes. We’ll talk about your desires for your postpartum experience and discuss how you can use your placenta to honor the sacred link with your baby. Bring all your questions and discover if placenta encapsulation is right for you!

Prenatal Meeting

A one-hour meeting where we discuss the ins and outs of placenta encapsulation so you know what to expect each step of the way. Learn more about the benefits of encapsulation. We’ll make a plan for services and any other postpartum needs you may have.

Placenta Encapsulation Services & Art

The service package includes placenta encapsulation, placenta tincture, and a placenta art print.

Holistic Postpartum Support

A two-hour postpartum support meeting where you will receive your placenta and art. I offer holistic postpartum support and consulting, as well as referrals to community resources for postpartum families. Find the support you need for a sacred postpartum experience.

On-Call Postpartum Support

On-call postpartum support via text/phone/email throughout the first six weeks postpartum to discuss any concerns or needs you may have. 

Experience Placenta Encapsulation

Honor the Sacred Link for a Peaceful, Gentle, and Radiant Postpartum

Are you ready for a peaceful, confident, and thriving postpartum?

Experience placenta encapsulation and honor the sacred link. Schedule your consultation today! Placenta
encapsulation services can be added to any holistic birth doula package.

Jenni Kula, M.Ed, CHBD, CD(DONA), CE, PICD, PE

…and mother of four feral children

Hi! I’m Jenni and I’m so excited to support your family in the postpartum period. I’m not kidding when I say it’s my absolute passion and joy to serve, support, and educate families. But this knowledge isn’t just information I’ve gathered from courses, lectures, trainings, or books. Alongside my formal training, I’m offering you my personal experiences which have gifted me the embodied wisdom I have today. I’ve had four unique and sacred postpartum experiences. I’m a certified placenta encapsulator, but I have also consumed all four of my placentas. I have an intimate personal understanding of the sacred wisdom of the placenta, and I know first-hand the benefits that it can bring to the postpartum experience. The postpartum time can be full of many unique challenges and it’s own brand of overwhelm, and I’ve navigated those challenges personally and professionally. It’s my joy and a privilege to serve families through placenta encapsulation. Blessings to you and your growing family!

Placenta encapsulation is absolutely perfect for you if…

Don’t let another week of your pregnancy fly by before you invest in your postpartum experience.

Many parents focus so intently on their pregnancy and birth (with good reason!) that the postpartum period becomes an afterthought. The earlier you start planning for new parenthood, the more time you have to prepare. Let’s face it, you can’t really be overly prepared to bring another human into the world. If you’re still reading this, the time is NOW to find the support you need for a connected, gentle, confident, and peaceful postpartum. Placenta encapsulation allows you to honor your connection with your baby and ultimately have a more positive and abundant experience. It’s never too early or too late to prepare, and to be honest – there are no re-do’s. 

Are you ready to have a radiant, blissful, peaceful, and conscious postpartum babymoon?

You have questions, I have answers…

Absolutely! People all over the world use their placenta to support their postpartum experience. Placentophagy (consuming the placenta) is also used by other animal species after birth as well.

Firstly, the work space and all materials are sanitized according to New York State guidelines for Blood Borne Pathogens and Food Handler’s certifications.  The placenta is examined to ensure it is safe for consumption. Then, the placenta is steamed over a set of healing and warming herbs such as lemon, ginger, garlic, and peppers. It is steamed before dehydration to ensure that it does not contain potential pathogens. Once steamed, the placenta is sliced thinly and dehydrated in a temperature controlled environment. After the placenta is dehydrated, it is ground into a fine powder and placed into capsules.

Definitely! Placenta encapsulation is a great support tool for C-Section recovery. 

Heck yeah! I provide clients with all the materials and instructions necessary to save your placenta after your sweet baby arrives. I will pick up your placenta shortly after you give birth and return it to you at home. 

Placenta encapsulation is generally well tolerated by parents. Like any supplement, there are basic risks to consumption such as digestive symptoms, lactation changes, or increased anxiety. Your placenta encapsulator will thoroughly explore the benefits, risks, and contraindications with you prior to consumption so you are fully prepared to make your own decision. 

A placenta tincture is a small piece of raw placenta placed into alcohol to extract its properties and benefits. It’s the same concept as an herbal tincture. This will allow your placenta to last longer so you can harness the benefits of your placenta for years to come. 

My placenta encapsulation package is $300. It includes your placenta products, keepsakes, and three hours of holistic postpartum support (one prenatal postpartum prep meeting, two postpartum support hours). You can add placenta encapsulation to any doula support package for $200 (a huge value!).

About Your placenta encapsulator:

Jenni Kula, M.Ed, CHBD, CD(DONA), CE, PICD, PE

…and mother of four feral children

My name is Jenni and I’m so happy you’re here. I support, guide, and educate birthing and postpartum families so they can bring their babies into the world in peaceful strength and confidence. I have worked as a birth keeper in Buffalo and Rochester for four years. I serve families as a holistic birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, childbirth consultant, placenta specialist, and home birth assistant. I work with families, just like you, who want to have a peaceful, radiant, confident, and connected postpartum experience. It’s my deepest joy to serve your family in this journey.