Find Your Postpartum Doula in Buffalo, Rochester, and the WNY Region…

Ease Your Mind

Expecting a baby?  Ease your mind in the transition into parenting. A postpartum doula can help you calm your fears about life with baby. Also, we help you understand what to expect from your body and your baby. Let’s tackle the unknown together. 

Find the Information You Need

Parenting is full of advice from friends and family. How do you navigate the sea of information and make the right decision for your family? We help you to sort through all the information to determine what is fact vs. fiction in parenting. Also, we are there to help you find the best local resources to support you in your parenting journey. 

Comfort and Compassion

Recovery from birth can be a whirlwind of changes. Relieve your exhaustion and find comfort. Rest easily and peacefully as you focus on bonding with your baby. We take care of the daily details so your only responsibility is to rest and care for your baby. Also, find comfort in our professional knowledge on recovery and infant care.

Research and Information on Postpartum Doula Support:

American Pregnancy: “Research shows that families have an easier time with this transition if a good support team is in place.”

Midwifery Today: “A Postpartum Doula for Every Mother” All mothers deserve postpartum care from their community. We have lost the importance of caring for the mother. But postpartum doulas fill that role and mother the mother.

DONA on Postpartum Doulas: ” The ways in which all family members make the transition to a new family unit have an impact on their physical and emotional health. Also, the postpartum doula fills a large gap in maternity care and is able to support a smooth transition.”

New York TImes: If Only Everyone Had a Postpartum Doula, “Firstly, they support a pregnant person’s hopes and expectations in the experience. Also, they are advocates for their clients not just to doctors and nurses. But also to family members, who have their own ideas about how things should be done.”