Birth Prep CHEAT SHEET Bundle


The ULTIMATE Tool to Master Each Stage of Labor and Birth

Are you looking for resources to prepare for birth? This is the ULTIMATE birth prep bundle.

These cheat sheets will give you quick tips for each stage of labor so you can birth with ease and feel confidence in what to expect along the way. Each sheet reminds you of what to look for in each stage of labor, as well as holistic tips to support a calm and confident birth experience. Stick these cheat sheets on your fridge and you can rest easy – YOU GOT THIS! This is a great GO-TO resource for birth partners as well. All your information from your childbirth education course is summarized in a brief, easy to follow format to review on the fly.

You can use this as a GO TO for each stage of labor with quick tips for comfort and relaxation.

This digital download includes:

5 Cheat Sheets:

-Early Labor

-Active Labor


-Second Stage (pushing)

-Comfort Measures



This BIRTH PREP bundle includes the following:

-Early Labor Cheat Sheet

-Active Labor Cheat Sheet

-Transition Cheat Sheet

-Second Stage Cheat Sheet

-Comfort Measures Cheat Sheet



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