The Mindful Mama Podcast

In pregnancy and parenting, we are hit with information overload from the very first day of our pregnancy. There is so much to learn, navigate, master, and prioritize. I bet you’re wondering how to sort it all out. Are you looking for a sage to help you navigate pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting?

In the Mindful Mama Podcast, I go deep and explore issues in pregnancy, birth, and parenting so you can make informed decisions to help you move forward in confidence, peace, and power. My number one goal is to offer you my insight as a doula, educator, and parent, so you can get in touch with your true dreams and desires for your family.

I want YOU to discover your own voice and vision as you become the center of the spiral of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting.

Nothing in this podcast should be considered medical advice of any kind. I’m not a medical professional and I do not make medical recommendations. I’m offering you ideas to support you in your decision-making process.

The Mindful Mama Podcast Episodes

Episode 7:
My Totally WILD First Birth Story

In this episode of The Mindful Mama Podcast, I share the story of my first birth. As a doula, I support a lot of first time parents. I feel like there is this perception that because I have had so many births at home that it must just come easily to me. I’m sharing this story today particularly because it was a challenging experience. It highlights the importance of having a strong support team and a supportive care provider so that you can stay confident, strong, and powerful no matter what challenges arise in birth. 

Episode 6:
Yes, You CAN Eat and Drink in Birth!

In this episode, I talk all about the importance of eating and drinking in labor. In many hospitals, birthing parents are restricted from eating and drinking in labor as a matter of protocol. However, there is no evidence to support this policy with current birth practices. I explore the history of this policy and its origins. I also share some studies and evidence that illustrate how banning nourishment in labor is not only unnecessary but harmful to birthing families.

Episode 5:
The Magic of the First Trimester

In this episode, I take a deep dive into the magic of the first trimester. This is such a magical and transformative time, yet our culture has so many taboos surrounding early pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy is full of physical, mental, and spiritual transformations. Your body and your baby are making rapid changes and development. Yet, we are taught to keep the first trimester a secret. This culture of secrecy carries over into our views on birth and death. I talk about my own pregnancy loss experience and the wide array of emotions that come up during the first trimester. In this episode, I encourage you to break free from the ideas of others and make your first trimester your own magical experience.

Episode 4:
10 Questions You Need to Ask Right Now for a Blissful Birth

Are you wondering what questions you need to ask your doctor or midwife? How do you find the best care provider for your family? How do you know if your care provider is right for you?

In this podcast, I offer you the strategy I teach clients and students to help them find the best care provider for their birth. You’ll learn all about how to find a provider that fits your vision for your birth. One of the most important things you can do is discover how you want to feel in birth and find your vision. These questions will help you determine whether your doctor or midwife is the right person to support you in birth.

Episode 3:
The Vitamin K Shot – Questions to Ask Yourself

In this episode, I dive deep into the evidence and history of the newborn vitamin K shot. It is standard practice in the United States to routinely administer an injection of vitamin K to newborns within the first few hours of life. Learn about the science behind vitamin K and the history of this routine procedure. I also go over the evidence behind routine vitamin K injections and offer some important questions to ask yourself when considering this element of newborn care.

Episode 2:
The Pushing Stage – Wait For it!

In this episode, I talk all about the pushing stage of birth. This is also known as the second stage of labor. I share a bit of the story from my first birth, and I discuss how a lack of knowledge on the pushing stage of labor affected my birth experience. Most of us enter pregnancy and birth with no idea what it actually looks like to birth a baby according to our own instincts. Instead, we’re trained to default to someone else’s direction and time table. This can have consequences for our bodies and our babies, changing our perception of birth.

I talk quite a bit here about what the second stage looks like in physiologic and undisturbed birth. Learn what to expect from your body during this time and gain some great insight into how the pushing stage can unfold.

Episode 1:
Erythromycin Eye Ointment – Mandates, Oh My!

In this episode, I explore a popular routine for newborn care where a baby is given Erythromycin eye ointment after birth. This is an antibiotic eye ointment administered to newborns to prevent eye infections and blindness associated with gonorrhea and chlamydia infections. This is given as routine prophylaxis, despite the fact that nearly all birthing people are tested for these infections in pregnancy.

This is a standard policy – protocol – procedure in most hospitals across the United States. However, other countries (Canada included) no longer administer antibiotic eye ointment after birth as a routine procedure. Many states, including New York, have laws that mandate that all newborns have this eye ointment.